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Dojo are a relatively new card payment provider, launching in 2020. They have loads of experience and understanding of the payment industry since they were founded by Paymentsense, one of the UK's largest merchant service providers. Dojo's goal is to help simplify and take care of the day-to-day that businesses shouldn't have to worry about, so they can really focus on sales and growing.

See our full Dojo card reader review of features, fees and how they compare against other card machine providers.

Dojo pros & cons

Pros of Dojo

  • Can cover exit fees from your existing provider's contract
  • Next-day payouts to your bank account
  • Transaction breakdowns & dashboards via app or web
  • Offers a monthly contract
  • Good looking terminal with responsive touchscreen

Cons of Dojo

  • Can be expensive for low-volume traders with their minimum fee
  • Charge 5p on top of their transaction fee for all sales
  • Doesn't integrate directly with accounting software
  • No description feature to say what exactly has been sold

Dojo card readers

Dojo doesn't charge for their machines, instead they charge a monthly rental fee, with a contract, that varies depending on your annual card turnover.

If you turnover less than £150,000 in card transactions then you will pay £20 a month on a six month contract, whereas if you earn over that in a year you'll be able to get a monthly rolling contract at £15 per month.

These are the typical Dojo business fees:

TurnoverLess than £150k£150k or More
Contract length6 months, then 1 month rolling1 month rolling
Terminal cost£20 + VAT per monthCustom
Consumer card fees1.40% + 5pCustom
Business card fees1.99% + 5pCustom
Card not present (CNP) fees1.90% + 5p - 2.49% +5pCustom
Minimum monthly charge*£24.95£24.95
Refund fees50p50p
Chargebacks£28 + VAT£28 + VAT
Replacement readerUp to £400Up to £400
Receipt rolls£10 + VAT per box£10 + VAT per box
Paper billing (optional)£3.50 + VAT£3.50 + VAT
PCI complianceFree or £15 + VAT if non-compliantFree or £15 + VAT if non-compliant
Early terminationCost of remaining contract & servicesCost of remaining contract & services

*this is what Dojo charge if your transaction fees over the month are less than £24.95.

Dojo Go

The Dojo Go can be used as a portable device in-store, on-the-go with mobile data or as a standalone countertop machine.

Dojo Pocket

The Dojo Pocket is a mobile card reader for orders and payments, only available to existing customers.

Dojo Tap to Pay on iPhone

When you join Dojo for Business you can start taking contactless payments with your iPhone. You just need the Dojo Apple app.

Accepted cards

Whether most of your payments are from chip & PIN, contactless, mobile wallets or even magstripe, Dojo have you covered.

The Dojo Go accepts payments from the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • Apply Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay


Dojo card machines are all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). This means your business will also have to comply to take payments.

You'll have to report your PCI compliance to Dojo every 12 months, which can be done by reading through their P2PE and security documents and then answering two questions. A much simpler process than most other providers.

Signup process

Here's how to signup and order the Dojo Go:

  1. Head to the Dojo website and fill in their application form for a quote
  2. A team member will then get in touch, in a day or so, to discuss documentation
  3. Once everything is in order you will receive your quote and contract
  4. Dojo will then check it all through and send the reader the next-day after approval
  5. You can then start taking payments in about a week, start to finish, and track all your sales through their app, on the App Store or Google Play, or web portal.

Additional services

If you already have an EPOS system then Dojo give you the option to integrate the readers to that using their cloud-based software. You can seamlessly link the card reader in a few minutes with the details provided by Dojo. And once connected any transactions input into your EPOS will be pushed directly to the Dojo machines, with no need to enter the amounts on both devices.

You can even split bills or add tips really easily on the device to give your customers the best experience, all while keeping it super simple for you.

If you don't just sell in-person then Dojo also offer payment links that can be shared to social media or across messaging platforms.

Dojo offer flexible business funding too. You could borrow between £1,000 to £1 million, subject to eligibility and approval, within 48 hours and pay it back from a percentage of your card transaction earnings.

Dojo reviews

Dojo scores an excellent 4.7 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 3,600 reviews, with a staggering 93% rating them 5 stars.

On the App Store users only give 3.9 stars out of 5, from over 50 ratings.

While Dojo's Google Play app has a 4.1 stars average from over 100 reviews.

Information correct as of 6th January 2024.

Our verdict on Dojo

Dojo offer many exciting features that could benefit most business types. Their Dojo Go, with its long-lasting battery life, fast payment processing and mobile connectivity, can help make sure no sales are missed, while their integration to EPOS can offer flexibility if you're looking to bolster the systems you already have.