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Moss Prepaid Business Cards
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Equals Money Prepaid Business Cards
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Revolut Prepaid Business Cards
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Wallester Prepaid Business Cards
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15 Best Prepaid Business Cards in 2024

Editorial Team

Prepaid business cards can be a great choice for businesses that are looking to better manage their expenses, offer flexibility for staff spending or those that have too low or no credit score to open a business bank account or be accepted for a credit card.

Find the best prepaid card solution for your business from top expense management and prepaid card providers.

Moss Debit Corporate Cards

  • Best prepaid business cards for overall operations offering full control on the go
  • Two plans are available, with more information given on introduction
  • For businesses that employ more than 10 people or turnover £2 million or more
  • Have access to unlimited smart expense cards
  • Or boost cashflow with business charge cards offering high credit limits
  • Get total control of your finances by integrating your cards with your accounting tool
  • Make expenses easier with market-leading spend-matching & receipt capture technology
  • Available on both Apple & Android apps
  • Users rate them 3.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot
Moss Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Equals Money Prepaid Expense Cards

  • Best prepaid cards for national & international expense management
  • Costs £50 plus VAT, annually, & £10 plus VAT for each card, virtual cards are free & unlimited
  • Cash withdrawals, in the UK & abroad, are charged £1.50 each
  • Transactions are free in 20 major currencies & a 1.5% fee is charged for other currencies
  • Send, receive, hold & manage funds in 38 different currencies
  • Total control of user permissions, card pausing & spending limits tailored to employee roles
  • Top up your cards in GBP, EUR, USD & more, accepted in over 190 countries
  • Expert help from your very own account manager
  • Have an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7 stars
Equals Money Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Revolut Business Expense Cards

  • Business accounts with multi-currency expense cards, spend in over 150 countries
  • Fees range from £0 to £79 per month, with a one month free offer
  • Have up to three company cards & up to 200 virtual cards per team member
  • Add a team member for £5 per person per month
  • Get a complimentary metal card with paid plans, usually £49 each
  • A 2% fee applies to every cash withdrawal
  • Integrate with popular accounting tools to automate processes
  • Have a great TrustScore of 4.2 stars on Trustpilot
Revolut Prepaid Business CardsWebsiteRead our in-depth Revolut review

Wallester Corporate Cards

  • Financial management solution offering expense cards
  • Choose from four plans including a free one
  • The free plan includes 300 virtual cards & an unlimited number of physical cards
  • Paid accounts start from £169.95 a month, with custom pricing for larger solutions
  • Cash withdrawals are charged at 2% of the transaction, £2 minimum
  • Additional virtual cards cost between £0.09 & £0.30 per user per month, depending on the plan
  • Integrates with a number of accounting software with API
  • Personal BIN option & skipping 3DS on chosen sites
  • Track company spend in real time, with detailed reporting
Wallester Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Airwallex Borderless Cards

  • Borderless business account with employee cards & free expense management
  • There is no account fee or any international transaction fees
  • Add multi-currency employee cards for £5 per user per month
  • The first five cards are free of charge
  • Hold, receive or spend in over 40 different currencies
  • Low cost FX with fast money transfers
  • Get 10% cashback on the first $1,000 of international transactions (T&C apply)
  • Connect the business account with Xero accounting & much more
  • Users rate them 3.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot
Airwallex Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Payhawk Debit Corporate Cards

  • Spend management solution with corporate cards for finance professionals
  • Plans for cards with built-in spend rules start from £0 each month
  • Giving you access to unlimited physical & virtual debit and credit cards
  • For further financial integrations & free UK transfers it costs more per month
  • Where you get bulk payments, supplier management, reimbursements & more
  • Limited offer of 20% off Enterprise subscriptions
  • Cards come with one-click issuance & spend freezing
  • GBP, EUR & USD currencies are supported
  • Have an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars
Payhawk Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Pleo Business Expense Cards

  • Best company cards for free expense tracking
  • Business spending solution trusted by more than 20,000 customers
  • Choose from a free account or two paid plans
  • Paid plans start from £35 per month & include three free users
  • It costs £5 to withdraw cash on the free plan, while it's free on the paid plans
  • FX fees on card payments start at 2.49%, down to 1.99% for their Advanced plan
  • Earn up to 1% cashback on annually billed plans
  • Connects with popular accounting software, such as Xero or Sage
  • Get instant spend & transaction data at a glance
  • Rated great a TrustScore of 4.2 stars by users on Trustpilot
Pleo Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Soldo Company Cards

  • Popular spend management & expense cards, trusted by over 30,000 businesses
  • Offers three plans with a 30-day free trial, to limited companies only
  • Fees start from £21 per month, for three users, get a quote for unlimited
  • ATM withdrawals are charged at 1% with a £2 minimum
  • International transactions also incur a charge from 1%
  • Get 20, 30 or unlimited physical & virtual cards, depending on plan
  • Integrates with Sage, Xero, QuickBooks & NetSuite accounting
  • Get real-time reporting & store digital receipts automatically
  • Rated an excellent 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot
Soldo Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Tide Expense Cards

  • Best prepaid cards with a business bank account
  • Online business account with built-in expense management
  • Choose from a free account or three paid-for accounts, starting at £9.99 per month
  • All paid plans come with at least one free expense card, additional are £5 plus VAT per card
  • You can have up to 50 Tide Expense Cards per account
  • Withdrawing from an ATM with cost £1 while card purchase are free
  • Free access to Tide Accounting or connect other popular tools
  • Set individual spending limits & edit them instantly
  • Automatically categorise transactions & match them to receipts
  • Great TrustScore on Trustpilot with 4.1 stars
Tide Prepaid Business CardsWebsiteRead our in-depth Tide review

Card One Money Prepaid Business Cards

  • No-credit check business account with prepaid debit Mastercard
  • Costs £12.50 a month with a one-off £55 application fee, if you turnover less than £2 million
  • Or get custom corporate pricing if your business turns over £2 million or more
  • The first card is free, additional are £5 per month & replacements are £3.95
  • Cards can be loaded online or through the app & have a maximum balance of £5,000
  • UK cash withdrawals cost £1.50 & you can get cash advances from NatWest for £5
  • Get up to 3.5% cashback at selected retailers
  • Offer full control over permissions, balances & card limits
  • Have an excellent TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5, on Trustpilot
Card One Money Prepaid Business CardsWebsiteRead our in-depth Card One Money review

ANNA Money Business Expenses

  • Business accounts with built-in accounting & tools to simplify expenses
  • Three plans available with fees from £0 to £49.90, save with annual billing
  • Depending on your plan, you'll get one to unlimited cards included, with 1% cashback on spend
  • Extra cards outside the allowance cost £3 per card per month
  • Get free withdrawals depending on plan, £1 outside the given limits
  • Add tools to help your business for an extra £3 to £5
  • Giving access to receipt matching, VAT calculations & much more
  • Score an excellent 4.6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot
ANNA Money Prepaid Business CardsWebsiteRead our in-depth ANNA Money review

Wise Business Expense Cards

  • Business expense cards for employees, part of an international business account
  • Open for £45 & get free expense cards with no monthly fees
  • Add an unlimited number of users for flat £3 fee per person
  • Withdraw £200 per month for free, charging 50p after
  • Use your cards almost anywhere with more than 50 currencies
  • With real exchange rates, in 80 countries, 6x cheaper than traditional banks
  • Reconcile expenses & receipts with accounting integrations
  • Save as you spend with 1% cashback on eligible transactions
  • Rated 4.3 stars out of 5 by Trustpilot users
Wise Prepaid Business CardsWebsiteRead our in-depth Wise review

Volopa Prepaid Business Cards

  • Multi-currency business cards that support 14 different currencies, including GBP, EUR & USD
  • You can choose from a free account or request a quote for a bespoke solution
  • Have unlimited cards for your employees, with free top-ups & replacements
  • Get expense management & international payments with an account
  • Offering full visibility & control of employee spend, in real-time
  • Make payments across 180 countries in 36 currencies, at wholesale currency conversion rates
  • ATM withdrawals start at 1% of the amount with a minimum fee of £2
  • Cards integrate with Xero or QuickBooks accounting software
  • Low number of Trustpilot reviews but have a rating of 4.5 stars
Volopa Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

Expend Employee Cards

  • Prepaid cards & expense management platform
  • Offering three plans starting from £8.99 per user per month
  • Try Expend for 30 days with their free trial
  • ATM withdrawals cost from £1 in the UK or from £2 outside the UK
  • The foreign exchange fee only applies to the cheaper plan at a rate of 1.5%
  • Additional users can be added to any plan from £8.99
  • Automate receipt & expense management
  • Smart company cards with individual budgets & limits
  • Users give them an excellent 4.6 stars on Trustpilot
Expend Prepaid Business CardsWebsite

What is the best prepaid business expense card?

Here's what we think are the best prepaid business cards and what for:

  • Best prepaid business card overall: Equals Prepaid Expense Cards · From £0
  • Best runner-up prepaid card: Soldo Company Cards · From £21
  • Best free expense card: Pleo Business Expense Cards · From £0
  • Best for expense management: Moss Debit Corporate Cards · From £0
  • Best for small businesses: Tide Expense Cards · From £0
  • Best for large businesses: Wallester Corporate Cards · From £0
  • Best for international operations: Airwallex Borderless Card · Free

What is a prepaid business card?

A prepaid business card is a type of card that you top up for use. It can then be used like a regular debit card to make purchases or withdraw money, up to the amount loaded.

Prepaid cards are useful for business trips, insights on company spend and for new or small businesses with no credit history, since credit checks are not a requirement.

How much do business expense cards cost?

The majority of prepaid company cards are around £5 per person per month, plus small fees for ATM withdrawals, usually £1.50, and international card payments, tends to be a percentage of spend.

Some providers charge a monthly fee for their platforms, others come as addons to business bank accounts, included in the account fee, and there are a few that offer free prepaid cards, usually up to a certain number of users.

How much money can you put on a prepaid card for business?

Typically the maximum balance you can have on prepaid business cards is around £10,000 to £25,000, but there really is no reason it couldn't be as much as you'd like.

The limits will differ for each provider and depending on whether the limits are set at an account or card level.

Are prepaid business cards the same as business credit cards?

Prepaid business cards are completely different from business credit cards. The money you put onto a prepaid card is yours and is all you can spend, whereas credit cards offer money you don't own and you have to pay it back.

Approval for prepaid cards is also much easier as business and personal credit doesn't become a factor unlike when applying for a credit card

Similarly, business credit cards help improve your credit score while prepaid company cards do nothing for it.

How to choose the best prepaid business expense card

Choosing what prepaid business card will be best for your business can be tough because there is so much to weigh up. So here are a few things you may want to consider looking at to decide what's best for you:

  • Fees (monthly, transaction, international, etc.)
  • Flexibility and control
  • Cashback rewards
  • Partner rewards
  • Expense tools
  • Accounting tools

Alternatives to prepaid business cards

Frequently asked questions

It's not uncommon to have questions when looking in to business cards, especially for the first time. These are some of the most relevant questions for prepaid business cards:

No, prepaid business cards are a type of debit card that don't link or require you to have a bank account.

Applying for a prepaid business card can be much easier than applying for a bank account or credit card as there are less restrictions and risk.

Yes because prepaid cards do not require a credit check.

Prepaid cards neither help nor hinder your credit score as they are not a credit facility.