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Allica Bank Business Savings
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Redwood Bank Business Savings
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Recognise Bank Business Savings
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15 Best Fixed Rate Business Bonds in 2024

Editorial Team

Fixed business bonds are high earning business savings accounts that allow you to lock your money away, with no access, for a number of months or years. Ideal for lump sum investments and rate security during unstable times.

Find the best fixed rate business bond from the UK's top banks and make your money work harder for your business.

Allica Bank Fixed Term Business Savings Accounts

  • Two fixed term savings accounts available to registered businesses
  • With a six month or 12 month term
  • Offering competitive interest rates of 5.00% to 5.16% AER
  • Requires a minimum deposit of £20,000, paid with 14 days of opening
  • Funded by Faster Payments, CHAPS payments not accepted
  • The maximum the account can hold is £2,000,000
  • Manage & open completely online for 24/7 access
  • No withdrawals can be made before term maturity & there is no cooling off period
  • All eligible deposits are covered by the FSCS, up to £85,000
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Redwood Bank Savings Bonds

  • Secure your business savings away in a one year bond
  • Offering a fixed rate of 5.20% AER
  • You can choose to have monthly or annual interest
  • Pay in from £10,000 & save up to £1 million per account
  • With unlimited top-ups for the first 14 days, then no withdrawals
  • Each business can hold a total of £2 million across all accounts
  • Online applications take roughly 15 minutes to complete
  • And you can have up to four authorised users
  • Covered by the FSCS, protecting money up to £85,000
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Recognise Bank Business Fixed Rate Accounts

  • Offering six month & one year fixed business accounts to SMEs
  • Earning a compelling 4.10% or 4.50% AER interest rate
  • Choose to have interest paid monthly or annually
  • And whether to have it paid back in or to your business bank account
  • Deposit from £1,000 to £250,000 across all accounts (£85,000 for sole traders & partnerships)
  • You'll have 14 days from opening to fund the account & make other contributions
  • Access, manage & open an account securely online
  • Have up to as many as four users manage the accounts
  • Eligible deposits, up to £85,000, are protected by the FSCS
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iFAST Global Bank Corporate Fixed Term Deposits

  • Three savings accounts with fixed terms of three, six or 12 months
  • Returning fixed interest rates of 4.45%, 4.55% or 4.60% AER
  • Which is calculated daily, added to the account balance & paid at the end of the term
  • Initial deposits must be specified upon application & will need to be at least £10,000
  • Applications can be completed by email or post
  • The accounts are managed by email or phone, same as statements
  • Your deposit must be paid in 14 days by a UK account in your company name
  • It can be for any amount but you won't be able to make more
  • Deposits up to £85,000 benefit from FSCS protection
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Aldermore Fixed Rate Business Savings Accounts

  • Offer fixed rate business accounts for six month & one year terms
  • Earning you interest rates of 4.25% to 4.51% AER
  • Calculated daily & paid monthly or at maturity
  • You can have the interest paid back in or nominate a current account
  • The minimum deposit to open either account is £1,000
  • And you'll have 14 days where you can make further contributions
  • Or you can close your account without penalty or giving notice
  • The maximum balance for the fixed savers is £1 million
  • With corporate solutions for those that want to deposit more
  • And all eligible deposits are protected by the FSCS, up to £85,000
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Close Brothers Business Fixed Term Deposits

  • Choice of six fixed terms, one year, 18 months or two, three, four, or five years
  • With interest rates starting from 4.55% up to 5.15% AER, currently one of the highest rates
  • Calculated daily & payable either annually or at maturity
  • All accounts allow you to save from £100,000 to a maximum of £5 million, each
  • Only one deposit can be made & no withdrawals are permitted
  • Requires a nominated business bank account for deposits & interest payments
  • Open by contacting online & manage by phone or post
  • Where dedicated customer support is available 9-5 weekdays
  • Business deposits are covered by the FSCS up to £85,000
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Union Bank of India (UK) Business Fixed Rate Deposits

  • Fixed rate savings accounts with six terms, from one to five years
  • Available in multiple-currencies, GBP or USD
  • Currently offering competitive interest rates from 4.00% to 5.15% gross
  • Minimum opening deposits of £1,000/$5,000 apply
  • No withdrawals or top ups are allowed during the selected term
  • And the most you can save is £1 million/$1 million
  • Can only be opened with a completed application form by post, or taking to a branch
  • Then you can manage in-branch, by post or by email or fax
  • FSCS protected, covering money up to £85,000
Union Bank of India (UK) Business SavingsWebsite

Cambridge & Counties Bank Fixed Rate Business Bonds

  • Have four fixed rate business savings accounts available
  • With an interest rates of 4.20% to 5.10% AER, fixed for six or 18 months & one, two, three, or five years
  • Invest between £10,000 & £5 million, with no further deposits permitted (£50,000 for one year bond)
  • The maximum you can save across multiple accounts is £10 million, per business
  • You are not allowed to make any withdrawals
  • Open & manage accounts online, by phone or by post
  • Charities & micro-businesses can close an account within 14 days if they change their mind
  • Eligible deposits, up to £85,000, are covered by the FSCS
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United Trust Bank Fixed Term Business Bonds

  • Eight fixed term bonds available to businesses, including sole traders
  • Interest rates start at 4.15% fixed up to 5.10% AER
  • Available terms include three to 18 months & one to five years
  • You'll need to deposit a minimum of £5,000
  • From a nominated UK bank account in the same name
  • And the maximum each account can hold is £1 million
  • Accounts can be opened online or with application form by post
  • No withdrawals, transfers or closures are allowed before maturity
  • Savings up to £85,000 have FSCS protection
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Shawbrook Bank Business Savings Bonds

  • Choice of one or two year business savings bonds
  • Earning a fixed interest rate of 5.02% or 5.03% AER
  • Calculated daily & paid on the anniversary of the first deposit
  • The minimum account opening balance is £5,000
  • And the maximum account balance is at £2 million
  • Not permitted to withdraw any funds until the end of the term
  • Most businesses can open easily online, others need to call
  • A UK business account is needed for deposits & interest payments
  • Deposits up to £85,000 are covered by the FSCS
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Unity Trust Bank Fixed Term Deposit Accounts

  • Five bonds available with 30 day, 90 day, six, 12 & 24 month terms
  • Offering fixed rates from 2.96% to 5.00% AER
  • Interest is credited at the end of the given fixed term
  • All accounts have a minimum opening deposit of £100,000
  • The maximum you can save with the monthly terms is £5 million
  • While the 30 & 90 day accounts have no balance limits
  • Applications are made by email or post, this is how you manage your savings too
  • Only available to Unity business current account or instant access account holders
  • Covered by the FSCS, protecting business deposits up to £85,000
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Nationwide Business Fixed Rate Savers

  • Offer a one year business saver, with fixed interest of 4.25% AER
  • Calculated daily & paid upon account maturity
  • The minimum opening deposit is £5,000 & you can save up to £10 million
  • No further deposits can be made, nor can you make any withdrawals
  • Savers can be opened online or by requesting an application by post or email
  • Accounts can only be managed by post, fax or signed PDF instruction by email
  • You will need to nominate an existing business account for interest & to make your deposits
  • Eligible business deposits are protected by the FSCS
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Metro Bank Business Fixed Term Deposit Accounts

  • Fixed deposit accounts for businesses, with four terms offered
  • Save for three or six months & one or two years
  • With rates from 1.80% up to 3.70% AER fixed
  • Paid monthly, annually or on maturity for the three & six month terms
  • An initial deposit of £5,000 is needed, with no mention of how much you can save up to
  • After this no further deposits nor can any withdrawals be made during your chosen term
  • You will need a Metro business account, this can be their instant access or current account
  • Bank by phone, online, mobile or in-store, seven days a week
  • Your eligible deposits, totalling £85,000, are covered by the FSCS
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What is the best fixed rate business bond?

Here's what we think are the best business bonds and what for:

  • Best business bond overall: Allica Fixed Term Business Savings Accounts · Rates up to 5.16% AER
  • Best 3 month bond: iFAST Corporate Fixed Term Deposits · Rates up to 4.60% AER
  • Best 6 month bond: Recognise Business Fixed Rate Accounts · Rates up to 4.50% AER
  • Best 1 year bond: Redwood Business Savings Bonds · Rates up to 5.20% AER
  • Best 3 year bond: United Trust Bank Fixed Term Business Bonds · Rates up to 5.10% AER
  • Best 5 year bond: Cambridge & Counties Fixed Rate Business Bonds · Rates up to 5.10% AER

What is a fixed rate business bond?

A fixed rate business bond is a type of account that offers a guaranteed interest rate for a set term. Great for those looking for a better rate but you usually can't withdraw or make any further contributions until the term is up.

What is the highest fixed business bond interest rate?

At the time of writing, Redwood Bank's 1 Year Business Savings Bond offers one of the highest fixed rates, currently at 5.20% AER.

Aside from that you're likely to find interest rates in the range of 1.80% to 5.20% AER, for business bonds.

Who can open a business fixed rate account?

In most cases to be eligible to open a fixed business bond you will need to:

  • Be a sole trader, charity or business registered with Companies House
  • Be registered in the UK
  • Be over 18 & a resident of the UK
  • Match the minimum account opening deposit
  • Nominate a current account in the same business name

How long should you lock your money away for?

This entirely depends. If your business has spare funds and is looking for a high return you may want to look at longer savings terms, since as a general rule of thumb, the longer term, the better the return.

Business fixed bond lengths can vary from just three months all the way up to five years, so look around to find the best rate/term balance for your business savings.

Frequently asked questions

It's not uncommon to have questions when looking in to business banking, especially for the first time. These are some of the most relevant questions for business savings accounts:

It is the annual equivalent rate, which shows the annual rate at which interest is paid and compounded.

Gross interest is what is paid before tax.

No, the rates you see when opening a business bond are guaranteed and can't be changed for the entire term.

No, withdrawals are not allowed during the savings term for fixed rate business bonds.